How it Works

How it Works
Picking your own produce is a fun and economical activity for the whole family. Not only do you have the reassurance of knowing where your food was produced and how it was handled, but also the ability to enjoy nature at a relaxing pace. And, in this age of fast food and supermarkets, the experience provides a unique educational opportunity for your children – they learn a bit about life on a farm and gain a personal connection with their food supply.At BushyHill, there are 17 varieties of apples which may be picked in season. We make your visit as easy as possible. Our apple trees are dwarf and trained to a four-wire trellis. This ensures that all the fruit hangs between 1 foot and 6 feet above the ground – so anyone, of any height, can pick with ease.

We provide mesh bags (for apple picking) and comfortable, tractor-driven wagons to carry you and your produce to and from the fields. We hope you will understand that we must limit the number of persons who can pick with one sack. Of course, you may purchase additional bags!

Clark Farms at Bushy Hill Orchard
29 Bushy Hill Road
Granby, CT 06035