How is Bushy Hill Orchard apple cider made?

We make some very fine all natural cider. It is produced in an all-stainless steel press from only the best “tree-picked” apples. No windfall or dropped apples are used and all the apples come from our own trees. After pressing, our cider is treated with ultra-violet light to provide 13 times the pathogen reduction specified by the Food and Drug Administration. (Our farm placed the first order in the world for this ultraviolet treatment unit which was developed by Cornell University.) This process destroys any possible “bad” bacteria, but the natural fresh flavor is not destroyed as it would be by heat pasteurization! Our cider exceeds by a large margin the Federal Safety Standards for fresh juice quality.

Clark Farms at Bushy Hill Orchard
29 Bushy Hill Road
Granby, CT 06035