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Clark Farms at Bushy Hill Orchard
29 Bushy Hill Road, Granby, CT 06035

Greenhouse: Goodyear Farms
676 mountain rd, Suffield

Goodyear Farms the greenhouses- CLOSED FOR SEASON- thank you

Goodyear Farms the greenhouses- CLOSED FOR SEASON- thank you
We will be opening up this weekend in Suffield (676 mountain road). Things will be a little different this season
1. All visitors must wear a face covering or you will not be allowed inside the greenhouse
2. There will be marked ENTRANCE and EXIT please use marked doors appropriately
3. The rows will be marked so that we all move in the same direction (like the grocery stores)
4. We will try to accommodate you with mobile check out as well as our regular check out station
5. Please practice social distancing and avoid coming into close contact, avoid standing by checkout
6. We are trying a delivery system, we are working the kinks out but it will be a learning curve for us all, please be respectful as we get through this together, suggestions are welcome.
7. Please understand that we need you as much as you like to support local, we MUST WORK TOGETHER to show that we can do this responsibly.

More updates to follow... and thank you for your patience and understanding during this very stressful and difficult time