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Clark Farms at Bushy Hill Orchard
29 Bushy Hill Road, Granby, CT 06035

Greenhouse: Goodyear Farms
676 mountain rd, Suffield

APPLE UPICK 2020 STARTS SATURDAY 09/5/2020 ***ENDING 10/18/20***

The 2020 UPICK apple season will begin on 09/05/2020. There will be many changes this year due to the unfortunate circumstances of COVID. Please be aware of the following BEFORE you visit our farm: Unfortunately no dogs are allowed at farm

***** ANYONE CHOOSING TO PICK APPLES MUST TAKE THE WAGONS *** there are 78acres here and we cannot allow folks to wander our farm due to stringent insurance protocols.

1. ***NEW*** Upick will run THURSDAY-SUNDAY 10-4 WEATHER PERMITTING we are offering more days to spread out the massive amounts of people that want to enjoy our orchard and give everyone that opportunity. We know school schedules have changed and want to accommodate parents, grandparents, and care givers that may want to pick during down times.
2. BATHROOMS (porta johns) will be provided OUTSIDE for all. INDOOR facilities WILL NOT be open to the public (restrictions regarding the amount of people inside the building) unless dining indoors (to be announced).
3. There will be remote locations to purchase your apple bags: at our new apple window and under tent. You will need to purchase your apple bag before getting on the wagon. We will run multiple wagons to accommodate folks and time to sanitize them.
4. We are allowed to have groups of 10 persons on the wagon, persons do NOT need to be from the same family. This means our wagon can accommodate 20 persons and MASKS MUST BE WORN ON WAGON over the age of 3yrs. Once you are in the field it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO SOCIALLY DISTANCE AND/OR WEAR A MASK OUTSIDE WHILE PICKING, it is not mandatory while picking.
5. The store will remain closed for dining however if you are making a purchase you may come inside to bakery, (please follow social distancing rules) but everything can be purchased from the windows on the porch.
6. We will be offering lunch 11-4 on Thursday and Friday (saturday and sunday remain the same with breakfast and lunch options)
7. DONUTS yes everyone wants them but any orders greater than 2 dozen will need to be made in advance, please call 860-653-4022 or email us at Clarkfarm29@att.net a week in advance to place your order. If you do not receive a confirmation, your order was NOT received.

Finally and most importantly: PLEASE BE KIND AND UNDERSTANDING,THIS IS A STRESSFUL TIME FOR ALL OF US. IF ANY OF THESE CHANGES MAKE YOU ANGRY OR UPSET PLEASE DO NOT TAKE IT OUT ON OUR STAFF ****THIS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED*** we have worked with and been approved by the FVHD and the Dept of Agriculture to accommodate all the necessary changes to comply with the mandates imposed on us. Like our sign clearly states: BE KIND OR LEAVE. We (like everyone) are doing the very best that we can, wait times may increase, things may not be available, staffing may be short, but we are all working hard so that we can get through this as safely as possible. THANK YOU for your understanding and support, we wish you all well.

For information on apple picking or store hours you can call and listen to our recording (we do not answer phone) 860-653-4022
If you need more information please email us at Clarkfarm29@att.net
To place food orders or place donut orders please call 860-372-2329