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UPDATE for Upick apples 10/12/2018

UPDATE for Upick apples 10/12/2018
In regards to the many inquiries to the Upick season: we made the initial decision to end the season because of the condition of the apples. Due to the hail storm, the apples are not visually appealing; they are misshapen, and odd looking. Because of the heavy rains they also have what is called Sooty Blotch a harmless fungus that forms on the waxy exterior of the apple, something that will wash off and can be controlled with fungicide but with all the rain, it would have been a futile and costly effort. Misshapen apples or apples with the sooty blotch are still perfect inside; good for eating or baking. Due to the overwhelming requests, we have decided to reduce the price of our apple bags for those of you who will not judge and who know the value of locally grown, healthy food, and want to enjoy the "experience" of picking apples. As a result, we will be picking on Sunday 10-2 (rain is predicted for Saturday). Please continue to check our FB page for future Upick dates and hours.