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Clark Farms at Bushy Hill Orchard
29 Bushy Hill Road, Granby, CT 06035

Spring is coming... Things are getting busy

Spring is coming... Things are getting busy
After much continuing ed, renovations to our new hard cider facility, and new equipment in the kitchen, we are opening up for our wicked awesome, totally casual, and delicious Farm to Table breakfast, 3/2, 3/3 8-1 is kickoff for the 2019 season. DaGood Chef Ricardo has been working up some great menu ideas and we will be expanding hours, adding lunches, and more dinners. We are in the midst of updating our CSA site as well. Do you know the difference between our modified CSA and conventional CSA's? Just click the link up top to learn . You get local veggies, fruit, and also anything in our greenhouses! YES our plants are included this year! We've been growing since 1996, quality hangers, bedding plants, planters, roses, and herbs, on our farm in Suffield. You will find that the largest difference between our modified CSA and others is that YOU get to shop when YOU want, how often YOU want, and choose what YOU want, there is no packing boxes with strict pick up times and days. Please support local with the many farms in our area, you will not only be supporting the economy but your neighbors as well.
Good things are coming for 2019. Our hard cider operation has passed the first of the licensing process and will be on tap this year! More updates to follow...