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Clark Farms at Bushy Hill Orchard
29 Bushy Hill Road, Granby, CT 06035

Greenhouse: Goodyear Farms
676 mountain rd, Suffield


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THURSDAY/FRIDAY 11-3 for lunch SATURDAY/SUNDAY 9-12 breakfast 12-4 lunch
cafe line: 860-372-2329

*** our cafe is MADE TO ORDER that means when an order comes in, it is started from SCRATCH along with all the other orders and phone in orders! This is not fast food, this is not McDonalds! That being said, your order will take at least 20 minutes to complete depending on what is ordered (some menu items such as the skillet and our fried chicken baskets take longer). The idea that food is ready in less than 10 minutes is a little unrealistic for even larger more fully staffed food establishments. Please understand and factor in what you are ordering (and the amount of people at the farm) when questioning where your order is or when it will be ready. If we can all be patient, understanding, and kind, we would all be much happier.

DONUTS: we cannot honor any orders over 1 dozen during very busy times here on the farm. If you want to order larger quantities, you may place an order via email clarkfarm29@att.net or phone in on cafe line with a MINIMUM of 24hr notice. You will receive an email confirmation of your order, if not, your order was not received and needs to be placed again.

SOLD OUT THANK YOU ALL **** Have a wonderful Thanksgiving***

Complete Thanksgiving Meal for 4-6 people $175 or 6-8 people $235

Meals are fully cooked, just warm prior to serving. $75 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve, remaining balance due at time of pick up.

Brined Free Ranged Turkey 12-14 lb avg (traditional OR smoked)
*4-6 person meal is ½ turkey
*smoked turkey upcharge $15
Sliced Apple Wood Smoked Ham
Herbed Salmon Fillet
*4-6 person meal is ½ fillet
Cranberry Sauce, Gravy, Dinner Rolls, Bread Stuffing
Pumpkin Rice Pilaf
Candied Yams
Garlic Roasted Potatoes
Macaroni and cheese
Butternut Bisque soup
Roasted Garlic Green Beans
Apple Pie
Pumpkin Pie
Apple Crisp
Mini Carrot Cake

Meals will need to be reserved by SUNDAY NOVEMBER 22nd! Sorry, no exceptions. Only 20 Dinners will be available, so order yours soon.

Pick up dates: Wednesday, November 25 12:00- 4:30 pm or Thursday, November 26 between 8am-10am

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Clark Farms at Bushy Hill Orchard

Clark Farms at Bushy Hill Orchard
29 Bushy Hill Rd
Granby, CT 06035
860-653-4022 info line only email works best clarkfarm29@att.net
Food orders 860-372-2329


Our cafe is MADE TO ORDER, that means when an order comes in (amongst all the other orders taken by phone) your food is made from scratch! This is not fast food, there is nothing sitting under a warmer, food is not simply heated up. That being said your order will take a MINIMUM of at least 20 minutes to complete, some menu items take longer than others to prepare. Having the idea that your food will be ready in less than 10 minutes is unrealistic, even for larger more fully staffed food establishments. Please understand this and take into consideration when placing an order at a very busy farm with many, many folks like you, placing orders.

DONUTS: we will not be able to accommodate orders of more than 1 doz during extremely busy times. Any orders greater than 1 dozen should be called ahead WITH A 24HR NOTICE MINIMUM. We make donuts Thursday- Sunday only. Once an order has been received via email clarkfarm29@att.net OR by cafe phone, you will receive a confirmation. IF you do not receive a confirmation that means we did not get your order and please submit again.

We are doing our very best to accommodate everyone and understand that some folks simply cannot be satisfied, be kind, be patient, and everyone is happy!